Sunday, October 4, 2009

Post Game Pieces

After the game on Thursday, while waiting for Jock to come out of the locker room, I was standing with my sister-in-law and killing time. We're standing in the middle of a fairly large crowd of parents and teenagers, when my SIL says to me "Hey... that girl's got Jock's number on her cheek. Do you know her?"

No. No I didn't. And the immediate response from the mama in me was to wonder just who the heck was this girl who was so proudly proclaiming her support for my son? My reaction to that response won't win me any additional points in the Mom of the Year contest, at least in the Offspring Voting category. But it WAS kind of fun....

I walked right up to her, smiled, and said "Excuse me. I know you don't know me, but you've got my son's number on your cheek. And I have no idea who you are."

She smiled, blushed, and stammered "Oh.... I'm a friend of his and he asked me to wear his number!"

"And that's great, I'm glad you support him. But.... Who.Are.You?"

And then she told me her name. Which I actually recognized as someone he talks about and to frequently. I laughed, and told her I'd be sure to tell Jock that I embarrassed her. When I talked to him about it, he admitted that they're kinda crushing on each other right now, so we'll see where it goes.

She really is a cute little brunette with darling dimples when she smiles. And she's the first girl EVER who has come to watch him play. I think this one might be okay.


Speaking of that game on Thursday, Jock told me something else that night.

At one point in the game, there was a 15 yard dead ball personal foul penalty called on the opposing team. The defensive player had shoved himself off my boy AFTER the play while he was still on the ground. The ref saw it, and called it. It's what the ref DIDN'T see that Jock was telling me about later.

Apparently, this kid was all kinds of a wienie, and when he was shoving off Jock, he shoved his hand right through that face mask and into Jock's face. And so my son? Bit his hand.

You saw that right. He. Bit. Him.

There is a part of me that is appalled at that. I mean, you don't just go around biting people. Certainly not when you're 16 years old. But another part of me? The more competitive, don't-be-putting-your-stupid-hands-in-my-boy's-face part of me?

Thinks that if you are dumb enough to put your hand in there on purpose, you deserve the teeth marks.

Do you think that thought redeems myself from asking strange girls why they're wearing my son's number on their face?


Stacyjo4 said...

You are totally vindicated - and I am totally in love with the fact that Jock bit him. I hope someday my little 8 year old football player will have the since enough to "bite" anyone who pulls a similar stunt!

Susie said...

Consider yourself redeemed! I swear Jock in high school would make a FABULOUS ABCFamily original series.
Can't wait to see what varsity football looks like btw!

Karen said...

I rather like the fact that he bit someone. I don't know why.

And for the record, Becky can't come watch games. The travel time is a bit much, and I'm sure you have to agree. This doesn't put her out of the running, does it?

Flea said...

Bwahahaha! I LOVE that Jock bit him! That's AWESOME. Did he bleed?

Iqra said...

Ouch @ the bite. But he (the boy who got bitten) started it!

Tina said...

LOL I'm sure there's SO much more that you haven't learned of yet but that's all been part of the game from the early days.

Good for Jock!

Brett said...

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I Am Boymom said...

Why is Brett promoting his stuff on your comments? Just curious. I love that Jock dealt with the issue in a way that might make that stupid kid think before he chooses to behave in such an unsportsmanlike manner again. You mess with the bear, you're gonna get bit!