Monday, March 21, 2011

A Peek Inside My Mind This Morning....

How in the world do I go about planning a graduation *sob* party that the Teenager not only won't be embarrassed to attend himself, but would even invite people to?

And, do I plan that graduation *sob* party on what amounts to a non-existent budget?

Oh.Gawd. Graduation. *sob*  So not cool of him to do this to me.

I have a giant bag of giant lemons. What on Earth am I going to do with these? I don't cook anything fancy enough to call for real lemons.

Bug is the most awesomest compliment giver. They are always so immediate upon noticing something that there is no way he's not being truthful. Both my ego and my heart just loves that.

He's also the best hugger. When he's old enough, and I refuse to accept that he's old enough now at almost 13, those two traits are going to make him soooo popular with the girls. *groan*  Ugh.

I am really wishing that carbonation didn't make me feel super bloaty. I'm almost totally against giving up my massive morning mug of Diet Dr. Pepper from the QT.  But this bloaty thing? Ugh.


Flea said...

Woman. How did you even make it through this year? I started totalling costs for Maybelline's upcoming senior year and nearly fainted. Prom. Senior portraits (which we plan to do ourselves - shoot, I plan on making her dress, too). Class ring. Homecoming dance. Several rounds of ACT and SAT costs. Car, which means more insurance. I just know there are a ton of things I'm missing. And Oatmeal Head the following year. Gah.

Let me know if you find a solution, will ya?

Big Mark 243 said...

Aw... your posts are always so endearing... you are the parent that I have always wished that I could have been..!

Anonymous said...

We had three graduation parties to throw in two years. (Two in 2009, along with our wedding, and one in 2010.) In a word...aaaaack! And yes, the two parties in 2009 were separate because although the kids were friends, it wasn't fair to make them share a graduation party. Though we did hold them back to back in one weekend just to get it over and done with.

We had them here at the house, borrowing badmitton/volleyball nets and bean bag toss games from family to use as entertainment. It was burgers/hotdogs for one and sloppy joes for the other. Miscellaneous salads, fruit, desserts, etc. Your basic picnic food. It wasn't cost-free, but it didn't break us either. In the end we spent about $400 total even with footing the entire bill for one of the parties because my ex couldn't be bothered to attend/help pay for anything.

You can do it.

P.S. - a fire pit, s'mores, waterguns and water balloons go a long way to appeasing teenagers.

Karen said...

A friend of mine helped me with Becky's 16th birthday party. She wanted elaborate, I needed measly. We did both.

I'll be glad to share recipes/ideas if you're interested.

T said...

what? you've never heard "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade?" - that's not actual cooking - so I think you'd be safe!

go simple on the party - I like the idea of a fire pit and s'mores...

we threw a party a few years ago on the Uber cheap that people STILL talk about...

y'wanna know?


Ice cream - plain vanilla ice cream dished up in disposable bowls... hand the kids their bowls of plain ice cream and a spoon... and tell them if they want the toppings they'll have to go to where those are being served... outside.

Outside? toppings are tossed/drizzled from the deck (or roof) and must be caught.

#1 - warn them to wear junky clothes (yay - no new outfit to buy)
#2 - lock them out of the house - and have a hose handy
#3 - have them all bring towels to go home with